It is easy to start the process of creating a new job-ad for your company. From the Dashboard, click on the New Job button in the top right corner.

This should take you to the first step of the creation process. As of now, four linear steps end with the job-ad being created in either draft or a published state.

Here we will out the necessary information that applies to our job-ad, such as job title, job type, job-status, deadline date, a short description (information that appears on the front-page of the career page) a more detailed job description.

After the required information has been filled in, you can save the job-ad, which stores the current information already filled in and creates the job-ad in a draft mode. This allows you to return to the job-ad at a later time to continue with the creation process but without having to re-fill the information again.

If you click Save and continue, the site will move you on to step 2 of the process.

Here you configure and customize what data you want from the applicant. We at 50skills highly recommend keeping the application form as minimal as possible and extract further data from the candidate as the application goes further into your review process. We want the application process to be as comfortable as possible for the applicant.

You can toggle what base fields are shown on the application form and what if they are required or not. Applicants are also able to connect their social media accounts to the application, which can benefit both parties.

You can also create custom questions of four types, short-answer,  paragraph,  single-select, and multi-select - depending on the answer you are expecting.

Clicking on Save & Continue will take you to step 3, social sharing and rewards.

Here you can configure how you would like your job ad to appear on social media. Feel free to change the picture, title, and description. Make sure your image is 1200 by 630 pixels to ensure quality.

You can also have a reward attached to the job ad. This means that if an employee within your company refers a candidate who gets hired, he will be awarded the specified reward. This is an optional step.

Moving on to the last step before the preview, select the hiring team for this particular job.

Add the users you want to have access to this job, and they will then see the job within their dashboards and are able to see all applications within that specific job-ad.

Please note that the users you are adding must have an admin or recruiter role within the system.

Finally, we arrive at the Preview and Publish step. Here you can review how your application will appear on the career site (in detail view). If you are not satisfied, you can go back to edit the job details.

 If you are happy but not ready to publish the job live on the career site, simply save the job-ad as a draft where you can always publish it. If everything looks good and you are ready for the job to receive applications, then publish the job directly, and it will appear in your dashboard.

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