In 50skills, it is possible to have a single job-post in multiple languages. This means that when a potential applicant enters a company career site, they can select which language the job-ad is viewed on.

In our example, here below, we see two job-posts, 'Project Manager' and 'General Application.' The 'Project Manager' post has been translated to be viewed both in English and Icelandic, and all applications through these two application methods end up in the same job in the 50skills admin system. 

When an applicant clicks the flag in the top right-hand corner, they can switch between the two languages. If they select Icelandic, it will only show job ads that have been translated to Icelandic. See the image below:

So how do we add languages to our job-posts from the Admin site?

1. Turn it on in 'Company settings' - access only for super admin

This setting is only available for super admin users.
First of all, you have to enable multiple languages and set a default language by choosing your 'Profile' - 'Company settings' - 'Career Site'. Select the languages you want and then set the Default job language to whichever language you find most fitting. The default language is the language which all your job-posts will be set to start with, and the language which applicants visiting your career site will land on by default.

2. Add the language to a job-post

When editing or creating a new job-post, you can add a second language to that particular job, meaning you can have everything localized, even the custom questions!

Click the plus and select the language you want to add.

Once you have added the other language, you are asked for the translated version of all the job-post items that need to be translated, such as job title, location, descriptions (short and long), and custom questions (if any). The "link" icon seen above some fields here in the image below refers to fields that you do not have to worry about translating as the system will do that for you. This applies to core fields such as the Job Type.

In our example case, you can see that the Icelandic job translation has a "Form incomplete" error (image above), meaning that you are yet to translate custom questions in the application form (step 2. of the job creation process). Let's look at them here below, translate them, and then see how to go about enabling the new language.

First, I have to edit each question and translate them as seen below.

Once you have done that, you can see that the error is gone, and I can't continue until I have translated all the relevant custom questions.

3. Set it live

After translating everything required, you can now enable this new language on your job-post.

Note: If you create a fresh new job with multiple languages from the start, you do not have to enable them manually. They will both be enabled automatically when the job itself is published live. This is only required when adding a language afterward to an already published job.

After this, you can now view the job on your career site in the languages you have translated them!

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