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Wise Business Central integration in Journeys
Wise Business Central integration in Journeys
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You can now create employees in Wise Business Central using Journeys.

Start with creating the integration in the Integration Builder.


You need to contact Wise to get the following information for authentication to your account:

  • clientid

  • clientsecret

  • tenantid

  • companyid

Once you have that, set up the authentication like this:

Replace "tenantid" with your tenantid.

Extra data is:

"grant_type": "client_credentials",
"scope": ""

When you test the authentication you should get a success response:

Create employee endpoint

Create new endpoint, you can for example name it "Create employee":

But remember to replace the tenantid and companyid with your own values.

You can use this example request:

"no": "1201561230",
"name": "Jane Smith",
"address": "Moldhaugar",
"postCode": "110",
"telephone": "8231926",
"mobile": "58123245",
"eMail": "[email protected]",
"gender": "0",
"countryCode": "IS",
"PaymentMethod": "3",
"managerNo": "AJ",
"salaryBankNo": "0100",
"salaryLedgerNo": "11",
"salaryAccountNo": "123456",
"vacationFeeBankNo": "0100",
"vacationFeeLedgerNo": "11",
"vacationFeeAccountNo": "123456",
"positionName": "2000",
"positionNo": "2000",
"positionPercentage": 100,
"hireOption": "1",
"hireDate": "2023-11-01",
"terminationDate": "2023-11-30",
"vacationPay": 100,
"payrollType": "MÁN",
"vacationFeeCalcMethod": "5",
"shortcutDimension1Code": "SALA",
"pensionFundCode": "100",
"privatePensionFundCode": "200",
"employeeNo": "Agust123",
"unionCode": "300",
"wageContract": "100",
"contractLevel": "11",
"contractScale": "02"

When you test it, you should get a success response like this:

And now you should see that employee in your Business Central.

Creating lists for values

Many of these variables should be selected from a list, not just manually entered. For example the union, pension fund, gender etc.

That's why you need to go to Lists and import your lists:

Export these lists from your Business central, and upload them there, for example the list of unions etc. They should have a "label" (for example "Efling") and a "value/id" (for example "123") which is the number of that label in Business Central.

When you click on the list after uploading it, you should see it similar to this:

Now go back to the integration builder and change the type for those fields from "test" to "select from list", here is an example for gender:

Creating a Journey

In this example, we will create a Journey that gets necessary information from the new hire and then the necessary information from HR/Payroll to create the employee in Business central

These forms need to be selecting values from the pre-defined lists we made before. For example the union should be selected from the union list, like this in the form builder:

Then in the "Create employee" action you field map from the applicable form the information selected in that previous form, like this:

You can now test running a demo employee through the Journey and see the employee being created in Business Central 🚀

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