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Workplace integration in Journeys
Workplace integration in Journeys
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You might want to automatically post to a Workplace group a message, for example if a new person is joining, an employee has a birthday, etc.

You can now set up an integration with Workplace that allows you to do exactly that.

This is how the integration looks once you've set it up:

You choose the Workplace action from the custom integration:

The action is configured so it shares the information you'd like to share:

Then it automatically posts to Workplace:

Start with configuring in Workplace

This needs to be done by an admin user in Workplace.

In the Admin panel -> Integration, create a custom integration like this:

Give it a name you like:

Create an access token:

Copy it and make sure to save it somewhere:

Now go to permissions, in general we recommend you select these permissions so you can do more with the integration:

But the necessary thing to have is "Manage group content -> Post and comment in groups"

Now just save (and make sure that unused permissions are not removed, in case you don't use the integration for some time you don't want it to stop working)

Now you've got the token with the correct permissions and we're ready to set the integration up in Journeys

Setting up the integration in Journeys

Go to integration and create a new integration for Workplace:

Authenticate using the bearer token you got from Workplace:

Now add a new endpoint called "Post to group"

Example request:

"message": "We've got a new team member!"

Like this:

Now you want to test the request:

To find a group_id, just go to the Workplace group you're interested in and you'll find the ID in the URL, here:

You should get a success response:

Now the last thing we want to do is to create a list with the groups you have, go to Lists in Journeys and create a new list called "Workplace groups":

Add the groups you'd like to use in Journeys, the label is the name of the group and the value is the group_id which you find in the URL (explained above).

Now go back to the integration and change the type of the group_id to a select from the new list:

Now you're ready to use the integration like it was shown in the beginning of the article 🚀

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