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GetAccept integration in Journeys
GetAccept integration in Journeys
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You can set up a GetAccept integration in Journeys to automatically send contracts to e-signing and once they've been signed you can insert the signed contract to your HRIS or file management system.

The first thing you need to do is to find your API key in the GetAccept portal.

You then create a new integration for GetAccept and add the authentication like this:

Now the first endpoint you will want to make is to send the document to e-signing.

The example request is:


"name": "Test Document name",

"recipients": [


"role": "signer",

"email": "[email protected]",

"last_name": "Smith",

"first_name": "john"



"file_content": "test1234",

"is_automatic_sending": true


Make sure all the types are correct here, especially the file:

Now press "test" just to get the response (you will get an email with an error message from GetAccept because the file didn't exist).

To test this and see it working for real, go to the Journey builder and add this action to a test Journey:

Run a traveller through it and see that this document went for e-signing 🚀

Go to the next step when the document has been signed

Now you want to add a new endpoint to your integration, let's call it "Get document status" or something similar with the URL:{{document_id}}/status

Find an ID from any document to test it. You can find an ID of a contract by opening it in GetAccept and you see it at the end of the URL, in this case it is "2yyyfdymjrw":

Now press "Test" and you should get a success response:

Now we go to the Journey to add it to it using a "Loop" action:

Into the Loop, add the "Get document status" you just created, and use the ID from the "Send document to e-signing" - like this:

Now in the "Exit loop" action you want to add that the loop is exited when the status is "signed":

Now, you can have some actions happen after the loop and those actions will only happen after the document has been signed.

Saving the signed document to your HRIS or other systems

You probably want to automatically save the signed document somewhere.

Now we add a new action to get the document, using this URL:

You can now test it with the same documentID as you tested the "Get document status":

Make sure to next change these response values to type: "file":

Now you want to add "Get Document" to your Journey:

And here is an example for how you can then insert the document to your HRIS, using en endpoint for your HRIS:

Well done creating a journey where you e-sign a document with GetAccept and when it's been signed you save your signed document to your other system 🚀

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