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Taktikal integration in Journeys
Taktikal integration in Journeys
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You can send a document to e-signing via Taktikal in Journeys.

You first need to find your API keys on their portal, it is here:

Now, in Journeys under integrations you can create a new integration, name it "Taktikal" and add a logo.


Insert authentication like this:


  • Username is the Company Key

  • Password is the API Key

Send document to signing

Now let's create an endpoint which we can call "Send document to signing"

And the JSON should be like this:



"pdfFileName": "example.pdf",

"flowKey": "yourflowkey",

"user": "[email protected]",

"SignInOrder": false,

"RequiresAuth": false,

"SignatureLocation": "TopFirstPage",

"flattenDocument": false,

"reminderRule": "1:3",

"createSignees": [


"name": "James Smith",

"ssn": "1234561239",

"email": "[email protected]",

"phoneNumber": "+3546661234",

"communicationDeliveryType": "email",

"SignatureType": "Qualified",

"Reason": "Undirritun",

"Language": "En"




But you need to replace:

  • yourflowkey --> you should get this from Taktikal

  • [email protected] --> this should be an email of one of the users you have in Taktikal, the one who is "sending the document for signing" - they need to have a user on and then they can see the signature in their portal. The email template is also used from this user. This can also be empty if you don't want to use a specific Taktikal user.

  • James Smith --> Your name (or someone you want to test the signing with)

  • 1234561239 --> Your SSN

  • [email protected] --> Your email

  • +3546661234 --> Your phone number

Then press "save" and then "test" in (you can see them on the image here above)

You should then get a success response like this:

If this is successful you just need to change the type of pdfDocument to file and save:

Now, you can use this as an action as seen on the screenshot below - and note here that you can add more signers, for example if this document should be signed by multiple parties (both the new hire and the supervisor for example).

Continue the journey only when the document has been signed

Now you want to continue the Journey only after the document has been signed. Then we use an action that we call "Loop" - which checks regularly if the document has been signed.

Let's first add to integrations a new endpoint called "Get status":

The URL should be:{{docid}}/signee/{{signerid}}?format=json

It should be a "GET" request and the example request should be empty, like this:

This request needs both the document ID and the signer ID.

The document ID is in the response we get when we create the document, but to get the signer ID we need to add a formatter action like this:

And now add a loop and our new "Get status" function.

For the Docid we use the key from the document, here:

And for the Signerid we use the key from the formatter - like this:

Now we just add the last action which is to exit the loop when the "Status" is "Completed" - like this:

Now you can add any other actions after the loop and they will only happen once everyone has signed the document.

Note that the loop runs every 10 minutes (or with longer intervals, you can change it) - to check whether the document is signed - so when you are testing this you might need to wait a few minutes to see the next steps trigger after the document has been signed.

Best of luck building your Taktikal integration ! ✍️ 🚀

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