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Lists in Journeys
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Lists in Journeys are great to pre-define the values that the user can choose from.

Two use cases we want to mention, in forms/contracts and in integrations:

In forms/contracts

You probably have some lists that you don't want to repeat in every form you build. For example "departments". You then just create one list and use it in all forms that require someone to select a department.

You create the list under "Lists" in the left menu bar:

You there you create the options in the list. The options require a label and a value. The label is what you see in most places and if you are not using this for integrations you can have the label and value the same.


You can use lists in integrations, where you define the options based on the inputs that the external system expects.

In the integration builder you then define the input like this:

When you are setting up the list, you want to do it like described above but you need to have the "value" based on what the integration is expecting, for example in the payroll system the Sales Department has ID 2005, so if you are integrating with the payroll system you need to use that value.

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