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H3 integration in Journeys
H3 integration in Journeys
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In Journeys you can integrate with H3, the payroll and HR system, to create employees, update them, add documents and more.

You can see in their API documentation what actions are available.

In this help article we'll cover how to create a new employee and how to add files to the employee record in H3.


The first thing you need to do is to get your credentials from Advania:

  • Username

  • Password

  • Company name

In Journeys, you choose the authentication method "Bearer" and insert the URL: and the username under "Client ID" and the password under "Client secret", like this:

Choose "Advanced settings" and fill it out like these screenshots:

Swap out "Advania Prófanir" for your H3 company name here

When you press "Test" you should get a confirmation that the authentication was successful.

Create new employee in H3

Now you'll chose "Add endpoint" in the integration builder.

And the Example request can be:


"ssn": "0101302479",

"name": "Gervimaður Danmörk",

"email": "[email protected]",

"phone": "6943779",

"status": "1",

"hireDate": "2023-09-18",

"workEmail": "[email protected]",

"workEnded": "2099-09-18",

"workStatus": "1",

"addr1Street": "Bjargargata 1",

"paySlipLang": "is",

"projectCode": "OSG",

"taxTypeCode": "1",

"fullJobHours": null,

"paymentMethod": "3",

"allowOverdraft": "0",

"approvedEmpJob": "2",

"departmentCode": "10",

"workPercentage": null,

"jobCategoryCode": "OSG",

"projectItemCode": "OSG",

"addr1CountryCode": "IS",

"payAccountNumber": "123456",

"paymentFrequency": "4",

"holidayPercentage1": null,

"holidayPercentage2": null,

"payAccountBankCode": "0301",

"payAccountTypeCode": "26",

"addr1PostOfficeCode": "101",

"hoursPerHolidayHour": null


Now press "submit" and make sure to check that the variable types are correct. Mainly check that these should be "numbers":

You can now press "Test" and you should then see this person (Gervimaður Danmörk) created in H3:

You can now use this integration to create employees using Journeys.

Add files to employees in H3

Add an endpoint with the request type "multipart" and the URL:{{ssn}}/{{attachmenttype}}/

Add one field named "file", see screenshot:

Press "Add Endpoint " and then change the file type to "file", like this:

Now press "Save" the blue button

The "attachment type" is the location of where you want to store the file. Using the API (or by contacting H3) you can get a list of all attachment types, this is how you can get information in the API about the attachment types:

You can insert a dummy file to the "file" section and test the connection:

Then you should see this document in the folder you wanted to add it to.

We do recommend having the "attachmenttype" as a list, then you do not need to know the number of the place.

You then go to "lists" and add a new list for attachment types:

Then go back to the integration builder, and change the type to "select"

And add the list you just created:

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