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Sending emails from your company email
Sending emails from your company email
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Now you're able to send emails from your company email! 📧

In general, emails from Journeys are sent from [email protected] but you are now able to send them from [email protected] - or something like that.

To do that, you need to go to "Email domain" in settings, and select "Add custom domain" in the top right corner:

You insert the domain you're sending from, and the name you'd like to appear as the sender name. You can see an example here above.

The next step is to copy the DNS records and add them to your email service provider. Someone who has access to your email provider (probably your IT administrator) can do this for you.

This is an example of how it looks for the IT administrator who is copying the DNS records to your email service provider:

It may take up to one hour for the DNS to become verified after you've added them to your DNS records.

Then you should see the status become "Verified" and now all the emails are sent from your domain 🚀

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