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Reminders in Journeys
Reminders in Journeys
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What's more annoying than reminding people to fill out information...

Say no more -> Now you can add automatic reminders to your forms, so that if the person has not filled out the information within a certain timeframe, they will get automatic reminders from Journeys.

You can send either email or SMS reminders, but note that if you're only sending the form originally via email, then SMS is not an option for the reminder. If you want to send an SMS reminder, then you need to send send the original form with an SMS as well.

You can choose how many days to wait before sending the reminder, and what time of day the reminder should be sent:

If the person has completed the form before the reminder should be sent - then the reminder is not necessary and will not be sent.

And if one reminder is not enough, you can add more with the "Repeat reminders":

The reminders say:


Subject: Reminder: Incomplete form

Hi {{name}},

This is a quick reminder that you have an incomplete form that requires your input. Click here to view and complete the form: {{form_link}}


We really hope this saves you a lot of time 🙌

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