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Airtable integration
Airtable integration
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Airtable is similar to shared Excel or Google sheets documents.

In this article we will cover how you can add data to an Airtable database using custom integrations in Journeys.

First, you create the base with the values you want to collect:

For example, here we're collecting name, email, start date and notes.

Next you go to "Automations" and add a trigger when a webhook is received:

You then get an URL that you copy:

Now go to Journeys and add a new integration:

Now you select "Authenticate"

And select "None" and save:

Now press "Add endpoint":

Now you use the URL you copied from Airtable and create an example request with the data you'd like to insert to Airtable:

Now you review that everything looks right and then you press "Test":

You should get a "success response" similar to this:

Now you should see the record we just inserted here:

Then you are ready to add the next step in Airtable, "Create record":

Then you just add and match the fields you're inserting:

Now just run the configuration:

And then you see the record in your database:

Just remember to turn the automation ON:

Now you can add the Airtable action to a Jourey:

Now, when you add a person to this Journey, they will be created as new line in the Airtable database:

Well done! 👏 Now you're ready to use your Airtable integration in Journeys 🚀

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