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Post a message to a Slack channel
Post a message to a Slack channel
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You can add your own Slack integration and do almost everything you want in Slack using Employee Journeys.

In this article we'll show you how to send a message to a Slack channel.

You first need to create an app in Slack, you do it here:

Now, go to the "OAuth & Permissions" tab where you'll find "Scopes":

Add permission to chat:write

Now go back to the top of the page and select "Install to Workspace":

Then you get the Token to connect to Slack in Employee Journeys:

Now, log into Employee Journeys in 50skills, go to Settings and Integrations:

Name the integration and add a logo:

Now, start with the authentication:

Add the token you got from Slack to the "Token" field:

And now add an endpoint we want to post to:

Add URL for posting a message in Slack: (Note that you can find other useful actions in the Slack API)

And an example request could be:


"text": "Example text",

"channel": "123"


After submitting this - you next open your Slack client and add Employee Journeys to the channels you want it to be able to post to:

The last thing you do, is to find the ID of the channel, just click the name of the channel and at the bottom you'll find the channel ID:

Now you can use that Channel ID to test the integration, also make sure that the type is correct:

You should get a success response:

And you will see a lot of response values:

You can delete the response values that you don't need to use. In this case you probably won't need any of the response values.

You should also now see the message in the Slack channel:

Now we're almost done !

You probably want to be able to post to multiple channels, then you go to "Lists" and add a list:

Now add all the channels you want Journeys to post to (you can always add more later)

Now go back to the integration setup and change the "channel" to the list you just created and save it:

Now you're ready to add Slack messages into your journeys 🚀

Wherever you want to add a message, add an action and select the Slack integration:

Set it up the way you like, remember that you can add any elements from the journey or forms received into the message:

And voilá - the journey will send a message to Slack when executed 🎉

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