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How to create a Signet contract
How to create a Signet contract

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After the new employee has filled out the onboarding form you can now create the employee contract to send out for electronic signature.

In the Onboarding area choose the Signet integration and click on "+ Add document"

Here are two options to create contracts:

  1. Use a contract template that 50skills has already created for your company.

  2. Upload your own contract file as pdf or docx file just by clicking on "Upload file"

Create a contract with a template

Choose the template from the dropdown list and the contract form will be displayed. These templates have been customized for your company with variables to display the info you put in the contract form to pdf contract which is sent to the new employee.

Applicants personal information is automatically pre filled out and are mapped from the onboarding form. Information like bank info, union and pension are also mapped from the onboarding form to this Signet form. This will save you time filling out the form.

The section “Starfsupplýsingar” there you need to fill out all fields and make sure to fill out all required fields (marked with a star). Dropdown fields can be a hard coded list that 50skills has made or lists from your HR system.

Lastly you need to choose a co-signer on behalf of your company who will sign this contract electronically. If no co-signer name are displayed then contact the super admin user at you company and he can add in co signers

After you have filled everything out you need to preview the contract to make sure everything is displayed correctly before you send it out to the new employee.

Click on the eye icon to preview the contract

Now you can read through the contract and make sure everything is right.

It is a good practice to save the contract after you have filled out the form.

When you are satisfied with the contract hit the “Send” button and the new employee and co-signer will get a email to view and sign the contract by electronic signature.

After you have sent out the contract now the Signet progress bar is showing the orange status which means" In progress" and you can see in the overview the status of signers is waiting for response which means that signers have not yet signed the contract.

You can preview the contract and also there is an option to delete it (trash icon) if for some reason you need to delete it and create a new one to send out to the employee. Note it is not possible to resend or edit a contract that has been already sent out, you will need to delete it and create a new one to send out again.

You can also see the status overview from the Onboarding area

Now one signer has already signed the contract, the orange progress bar is larger and overview shows that Anna Sóley has signed the contract.

When both signers have signed the contract then the status changes to full green bar.

For further information please contact 50skills by the chat bubble.

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