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H3core bulk edit H3 information
H3core bulk edit H3 information

H3core bulk edit H3 hired applicants

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Now you can save even more time when creating new employees in H3. If you are hiring many employees with the same H3 information related to their job like as union, pension, department, first workday etc.

It is possible to predefine these H3core fields to simplify filling out the form and it will be much quicker to finish the form and submit employees over to H3.

Who can use it

This option is only possible if you have just one company in H3core integration, does not work for multiple H3 companies.

How to set up

To be able to use Bulk edit H3 you need to contact your 50skills account manager or contact us by the chat bubble. Each company has different H3 fields so you need to inform 50skills which job related fields you want to bulk edit. After 50skills have set up the fields as you requested them you can start using Bulk edit H3 option.

How to use

In a job from the pipeline or applicants view you can bulk edit H3 information. Applicants must be marked as hired to be able to use this action. If there are some non hired applicants in the stage they will be ignored in the bulk action.

Pipeline view in a job

Put hired applicants in one specific stage and click on the three dots on top of the stage and choose "Bulk edit H3".

Then you can fill out the H3core integration fields that will be applied to all employees in this stage after saving these changes.

In this right side-panel on the top you see the amount of selected applicants (all hired applicants in the stage) that will get these pre filled out fields that you set up here.
Bulk editing will overwrite if job related fields information were already saved or received through integration mapping in H3core integration.

Applicants view in a job

Check the applicants and choose “Bulk actions” - “Bulk edit H3” and fill out the H3core fields same as shown above.

Next when you open the H3core integration for those applicants the job related fields will be auto filled, now it is quick and easy to submit employees over to H3.

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