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Contract setup in 50skills
Contract setup in 50skills

How does contract creation work in 50skills?

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Using employment contract templates saves significant amount of time and reduces errors.

You can have multiple templates, but for simplicity we recommend to keep them as few as possible and start with the most common one.

We also recommend that the word template you send us has the dynamic variables in curly brackets, for example: {{name}}.

Lets look at an example contract:

A list of common variables can be viewed at the bottom of this article.

When the template is used, some variables are automatically filled out by the system (example: name, email, address, bank number, etc) and some variables are selected or typed by the user (example: department, vacation days, etc).

Here is an example of how the dynamic variables are visible to the manager who is recruiting and about to send a contract for e-signing:

The dynamic variables can be:

  1. Text fields - either populated by 50skills (example: name, email, bank account, ...) or populated by the manager who is hiring (example: salary, vacation days, supervisor, ...)

  2. Dropdown - you can use dropdown lists from other integrated systems (example: departments, pension funds from payroll system) or we can create the dropdown list for you (example: job descriptions, salary tables)

  3. Date fields - you select a date from a date-picker (example: first_workday)

What is not possible:

  • Checkboxes - we recommend that you rephrase the checkbox as a sentence. As an example, we would change this:

    to this:

  • We also recommend to avoid table layouts, example:

    Because the dynamic variables can overflow the boarders of the table.

Recommended steps when you want to start using e-signing for contracts:

  1. Choose the e-signing solution you want to use, you can see a list of supported solutions in our marketplace.

  2. Collect all the employee contracts you wish to use in 50skills

  3. Review the contracts to understand which contracts are similar. For example a contract for a receptionist and a customer service representative could be identical with the exception of the job description being different. Those contracts could then be inserted as one contract with {{job_description}} as a dynamic variable.

  4. Select the most common contract, or the contract you want to start with implementing, and for all the values that need to be changed per contract, insert then in curly brackets, example: {{name}}.

  5. For each dynamic variable, please write a comment in word (right click the variable, and select "New Comment"

    In the comment, please tell us how out would like to insert the value for this variable - is this a drop-down list? Is this a text input field?

  6. Send us the contract and we will set it up :)

Click here to view common dynamic variables

  • name

  • address

  • email

  • next_of_kin_name

  • next_of_kin_phone

  • ssn

  • phone

  • nationality

  • department

  • job_title

  • first_workday

  • responsibilities

  • employement_rate

  • supervisor

  • monthly_salary

  • hourly_salary

  • bank_branch

  • bank_ledger

  • bank_number

  • pension_fund

  • vacation_days

  • tax_discount

  • union

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