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Tímon integration
Tímon integration

How does Tímon integration work and how to set it up

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Instead of copy-pasting new employees into Tímon, you can use 50skills to create the user.

In the onboarding section of 50skills, the name, email and social security number are automatically populated based on the employee information.

You only need to select the group that the user belongs to, and the job title:

Just click submit, and voilá - the employee now has access to Tímon.

How to set up Tímon integration:

Start with contacting your Trackwell contact and request URL, username and password to use for 50skills integration.

Once you have received the credentials from Trackwell, select Apps / Integrations from the menu bar:

Select Tímon from the intragration list and fill out the information from Trackwell (you can click the image to see it enlarged)

When this is done, contact your 50skills account manager or [email protected]
and we will configure the integration for your company.

When that is done enjoy the time saved by using 50skills integration with Tímon 🏖️

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