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In 50skills you can manage your own list of locations that are relevant to your company. These can be defined to stores, offices and other locations that you will be hiring at.

In 50skills you can manage your locations under the company settings section. Please note that only users with the role -> Super-admins can see and manage this section.

Location list

Adding a new location

When adding a new location simply click on the "Add location" button in the top right corner

This action will open a modal window where you can write the information for this location.

The name of the location is what will be visible in the system when creating a new job and as well for the applicant when applying for the job.

The address is the geolocation and will give further information if needed regarding the specific address.

The external ID is an optional field which is most often reserved for integrations, for example if your company integrates the location list from a third-party software.

After you have created the location - it is selectable when creating or editing a job advertisement.

Deleting a location

It is easy to delete an existing location from the settings section, simply click on the three dots on the location (to the right). And select "Delete". This will remove the location from the list.

Please note that you cannot delete an existing location if has been applied to a job, you will have to remove the location from the job and then you are able to delete the location!

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