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Create departments for Enterprise company
Create departments for Enterprise company

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If your company has an enterprise career page then super-admin users can create departments and manage user access in departments.

How to add a new department

Go to your Profile - Company settings - Departments.

Here you can add and edit departments. Note you can only delete departments that contain no jobs ads.

Add users to departments

There are two ways to do this:

1. In Departments you click on the three dots and choose “Add user+

Find the user in the dropdown and make sure to turn on the toggle to Yes for “Full department access, unless the user will not be able to see the jobs in this department.

2. Under Profile - Team and click on the user, now you see "Add department button" so you can give him a full department access the same way as shown in step 1.

Add a job to a specific department

After a department has been created you need to add each job ad to a department.

When creating/editing a job there is a field in step 1 named Department where you can choose in which department you want to add the job ad into.

Career page

Now your job ads should be categorized on your career page.

Note: If some job ad is missing a department it will be displayed in “Unspecified” in the department dropdown on the career page. You can always fix it by editing the job ad and add it to the right department.

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