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Hireflix | Greenhouse

Here below you will find all the guidelines required to enable and use Hireflix in 50skills

Enabling Hireflix in 50skills

It is easy to integrate your Hireflix account with 50skills, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Hireflix account

  2. Go to 'My account' in the top right corner

  3. Open the "API Keys" section and copy the API key to your clipboard

  4. Log in to your 50skills company

  5. Go to the "Apps / Integrations" section for your company

  6. Open the Hireflix app configuration section and paste your Hireflix API key in the field

  7. Click on 'Submit' and you have connected your company to your Hireflix account!

Configure a job in 50skills

After connecting your Hireflix account to 50skills you now have the ability to send out and review Hireflix interviews in 50skills.

In 50skills, you are required to connect a 50skills job-ad to a Hireflix job position, this is a one-to-one connection so you can only have one Hireflix position connected to one 50skills job.

Simply open the "Apps" section inside the job you are working with and link the relevant Hireflix position to the job.

After you have linked the two positions together you should see the relevant information screen.

Send out interviews

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Click on the applicant and under “Apps” click on “Send interviews”

  2. In Dashboard-Pipeline you can send out video by bulk actions, choose the stage and edit (three dots) and hit “Send interviews

    3. Modal window will pop up and display list of all applicants in the stage and the name of Position you already had connected to the job earlier. You hit "Send interview" to send out video interviews.

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