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Each job in 50skills has its own information section where users can work together on a job level. The section is dedicated to improve collaboration and information exchanges between relevant users when working together in the hiring process.

The tab for this section can be found on the navigation bar when you enter an existing job.

Access restrictions and information

The job info tab itself can be viewed by everyone that has access to the job but additionally it has three sub-sections, Details, Notes & Files. These sections have additional access restrictions which are based on each user and their permission on the job in question.

Quick note: As a reminder, in 50skills we have two teams that users can be a part of when given access to a specific job:

  • Hiring team

  • Limited access team

These teams can be viewed and managed under the "Access" tab in the job.

Sections restriction information

Here below you can see quickly what sub-section each user has access to.




Hiring team

Limited access


Here users can view all relevant job details that are currently on the job and is split into three categories:

Job details

See quickly what the most important details for the job are including such information as location, visibility, last published, deadline and what user created the job

Job description

See short and long job descriptions without having to go and edit the job-ad

Application form - What questions are on the job-ad and what is their status towards the potential applicant (off, optional or required)


This sub-section is thought as a very flexible work area with regards to usage, so to each their own. But primarily this is the place where hiring managers & other high level team members can write and manage notes regarding the job-ad. Users can @-tag other Hiring team members for added exposure when writing notes.

The note section also has the availability of adding what is known as "Admin notes", meaning that only users that are a part of the Hiring team AND have the user role of 'Admin' can see this type of note. This is for more discretionarily communication, if preferred.


Often when working with a job position there are pre-determined hiring processes created by the HR division of the company. These are translated into documents which primarily have the purpose to assist and instruct responsible hiring managers when it comes to new hiring's and the processes which make that up.

A few common hiring processes that are often addressed internally are:

  • Job descriptions

  • Applicant response guidelines - rejections & other communications with the applicant

  • Position requirement guidelines

  • Rating & applicant review requirements

  • Interview guidelines

  • Salary range

  • Onboarding instructions (post-hire)

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