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Posting 50skills jobs with direct link to job boards
Posting 50skills jobs with direct link to job boards

Instructions on how to post 50skills jobs to job boards using a direct link.

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When a job is posted to a job board that is not connected directly to 50skills, it is crucial to ensure the correct link is used. Some job boards offer companies to use their web forms, and then the link used must bring the applicant to the correct job application.

Click on “Sharing” in the navigation bar on the left side.

The “Sharing” tab will show you an overview of all the published jobs on your company's career page. Click on the "Share job" button on the position you would like to advertise, it will open a module window giving you a direct link to that jobs application form. Copy and paste the direct link into the field designated for the company's web form link.

If you are still unsure how to share a direct link to job boards, don't hesitate to contact your 50skills success agent.

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