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Workplace by Meta (Facebook) and 50skills integration
Workplace by Meta (Facebook) and 50skills integration

Onboard new employees to Workplace straight from 50skills

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When onboarding a new employee you can use 50skills to create them as users in all chosen internal systems from the onboarding area in 50skills.

Use our Workplace integration the next time you want to:

  • Create a new employee in your companies’ Workplace

  • Add new employees to relevant channels

  • Send unique referral links to team members of any public Workplace by Facebook channel

  • Prepare your new employees for their first day at work by connecting them to other people within their new department

  • Give your employees easy access to information and a way to communicate with their manager or team

When you have decided to hire a new employee, it's time to move on to the onboarding process. This is done by clicking the “airplane icon” on the candidate's profile in 50skills and you will be taken to the onboarding area.

On the left side, you will see all the apps your company has connected to your onboarding. When the candidate has completed their onboarding form, 50skills will use that information to pre-fill relevant information fields within other integrations.

Create a new employee in your companies’ Workplace

Create a new employee in Workplace by selecting Workplace in your app's overview in onboarding. The candidate will be created as a user in Workplace using their name and email address. The login information will be sent to the candidate’s email after submitting all the relevant candidate information.

Add new employees to relevant channels

All Workplace groups will appear in a drop-down window. Select groups/channels that are relevant for your new hire and simply click submit.

Send unique referral links to team members of any public Workplace by Facebook channel

Within each job you have created in 50skills, Workplace by Facebook will appear under the "apps" tab. From there you can send a private Workplace by Facebook message to all members of a channel you select. (Note: For you to be able to send to members of the channel, you have to invite the 50skills Workplace by Facebook Bot to that channel)

The 50skills bot will send a message to all of your employees that are part of the Workplace by Facebook channel you selected. The message will contain a unique link that they can send to their own social media or prospects that are a fit for the job you are hiring for.

This is how the employee received the unique referral link:

For more information about referrals click here.

How to get started?

Set up a call with your 50skills representative and have them walk you through the process. Your company will have to own or set up an account with Workplace to connect to 50skills.


Do I need to pay for a Workplace integration?

To be able to use Workplace by Facebook, you need to have an active Workplace by Facebook account.

How long does it take to connect Workplace to our account?

Typically 1-2 days after your request.

What information do you need from our Workplace by Facebook account to finish the integration?

You need to send your Workplace company client-id to your 50skills success manager. You can find this by going to your Workplace by Meta account Admin Panel -> Integrations -> Create Custom Integration → add any name in title, any description:

If you don’t see the access token while creating the integration, you will need to click “Reset access token”


Next. Select "Permissions" under the 50skills integrations.
Add: Group chat bot, Read group membership, Message any member, Manage any member, Read group content, Manage accounts, Manage groups, Read user email, Read org chart, Read work profile

My messages aren't being delivered to users, what could be the issue?

Make sure that all the users in your Workplace account are also users in 50skills, and that the same email is used in workplace and in 50skills.

Example: Anne Brady has the email [email protected] in 50skills. When she was added to her company workplace account however, she was added with her personal email [email protected] -- in this example she wouldn't get any unique links posted from 50skills bot in workplace, unless her emails would match.

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