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MyTimePlan setup and create users from 50skills
MyTimePlan setup and create users from 50skills

This article explains how you can integrate MyTimePlan and 50skills.

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If you are a MyTimePlan customer, you can integrate MyTimePlan and 50skills.

MyTimePlan is self-service in 50skills, you can do the setup by yourself.

  1. Click on your Profile and choose Apps / Integrations. find MyTimePlan in the Apps list.

  2. Find MyTimePlan in the Apps list, type in the API url, username, password and hit Submit to finish the connection.

After the setup you are able to create new users in MyTimePlan from the onboarding section within 50skills.

How it works

Step 1: Hire an applicant

Once you have decided who you want to hire for a position - selected "Hire" from the 3-dotted tab.

Step 2: Send out an onboarding form (optional)

Once Hired, you can send out an onboarding form to the new hire to collect additional information, such as SSN, salary payment details and other variables you might need later in the process.

Step 3: Select MyTimePlan and fill out a profile

Select the MyTimePlan integration. Once selected, you can see all the fields in MyTimePlan. If you already sent an onboarding form, and the applicant has filled it out. Fields they have filled out will come prefilled (e.g. name, SSN, postal and other information you might need).

Other dropdown from MyTimePlan can also be shown here, e.g. type of contract, gender, and other variables that you use when creating a new user.

Step 4: Create a new user in MyTimePlan from 50skills or save for later

In the onboarding overview, you can filter how many users have been hired and added (or not added) to MyTimePlan.

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