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Setting up SSO with Azure and Journeys
Setting up SSO with Azure and Journeys

Want to use SSO and are using Azure? Here are step by step instructions

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This article explains step by step how to setup Azure SSO using 50skills. Before setting up Azure, make sure to let your customer success manager at 50skills know.

Step 1:

In Azure Create an Enterprise App and there inside, Single-Page Application

Step 2:

Send your 50skills contact the
A) Tenant ID for AD

B) Application ID for the Enterprise App

Step 3:

Add all users that should have access with SSO into that app

Step 4:

In Authentication you need to add the following Single-Page application Redirect URLS:

Step 5:

In the same window, you also need to select Access tokens and ID tokens under Implicit grant

Step 6:

Go to Token Configuration on the left side and add 3 optional claims with ID token type


Step 7:
Now go to API Permissions and add 4 Delegated Microsoft Graph rights


Step 8:

Check if User Settings looks the same as on the picture below (Enterprise applications)

✨🚀 Done - you just configured Azure SSO and 50skills!

From now on, employees can log in by clicking the "Sign-in with SSO" option - without having to set a unique password for 50skills.

Any issues? Things that could be improved? Let our team know!

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