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Onboarding overview filters & search
Onboarding overview filters & search
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When using the new filters for the onboarding overview, you can now stack multiple queries to get a better and more defined look at how the onboarding process is going for your new hires.

When entering the onboarding overview section, you will notice a Filter button in the top right corner. Clicking that button will enable you to start adding filters to the current list of hired applicants.

The filters offer two options when stacking - AND & OR. It is simple to switch between, click the icon, and it changes.

There are dozens of ways you can create your own set of filters, but here are a few examples.

#1. Simple example

- Show only applicants that were hired in the last 30 days

- That has been created successfully in Facebook Workplace

How it looks in 50skills

#2. More complex example

- Show only applicants that were hired before the 4th of September 2020

- That is assigned to a particular person

- Onboarding form has been successfully completed

- E-signing employee contract is in progress

- SAP user creation process has not started

How it looks in 50skills

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