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With our most recent changes we have made filtering and searching globally within 50skills even more powerful.

When using the new filters, you as a user will have the ability to create and stack sets off filters that will make your life a whole lot easier!

How to use

When entering the applicants section you will notice a Filter button in the top right corner, clicking that button will enable you to start adding filters on the current list of applicants.

The filters offer two options when stacking - AND & OR. It is simple to switch between, just simply click the icon and it changes.

There are dozens of ways you can create your own set of filters but here are a few examples.

#1. Simple example

- Show only applications for a specific job-ad

- That are less then a week old

How it looks in 50skills

#2. More complex example

- Show only applications for a specific job-ad

- That applied on September the 10th 2020

- Are active

- CV contains the phrase "MSc."

- Cover letter contains the phrase "Project management."

- Average rating is Strong yes!

How it looks in 50skills

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