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How to connect Asana with 50skills
How to connect Asana with 50skills

Read more about how to integrate Asana and 50skills to rocket-boost πŸš€ your onboarding effort

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When new hires start, it can be challenging (and require a pileup of emails) to get these employees all the information they need, make sure they complete required paperwork, and ensure a smooth transition. Generally, it takes eight months for a newly hired employee to reach full productivity. By using a project template in Asana, you can track the onboarding process from start to finish. Employees will know what they need to do and where to find information, so they can get up and running quickly.

If you have decided you want to use Asana for onboarding you can track the process of finished tasks directly in 50skills in sync with other onboarding tasks.

Connecting 50skills and Asana

A) Create a new user in Asana with the name 50skills

This user will be in charge of creating projects, so make sure the user has access to all teams that need onboarding projects

B) Log in as that user

1 - Go to My Profile Settings > Apps > Manage Developer Apps (or go to ).

2- Under Personal access tokens click "New access token".

3- Name the token 50skills and agree to the terms.

C) Add token to 50skills

Copy the token, and paste it above in the TOKEN field in 50skills and press Save. Token will be hidden for other users.

How does the Sync between Asana and 50skills work?

Once you have made a new hire in 50skills, you can start the onboarding process, by clicking the "Asana" integration in the 50skills. From there, select which Team and Template you want to use and give it a project name (typically the applicant name).

All the tasks from that template will appear in Read only within 50skills. Once a task is finished, you will see an overview of how many Asana tasks are completed in the 50skills onboarding section.

Want to learn more?

Here is a detailed article about how to build your onboarding tasks within Asana

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