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Two factor authentication (2FA)
Two factor authentication (2FA)

Everything you need to know about 2FA and 50skills

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Want Two factor authentication (2FA)? No problem, just contact your 50skills representative and we will add this to your company settings. Once enforced, all new users will be required to add 2FA to enter into 50skills. If you already have existing users in 50skills, prior to enforcing 2FA, they will be redirected into their 2FA setup page every-time they login to 50skills, until setup is complete.

Steps to finish once enforced:

Step 1: Get an Authenticator App

First, you’ll need a 2FA authenticator app on your phone. If you already have one, you can start adding 2FA to your 50skills profile. If you don't have one, or you aren’t sure, here is a list of our recommendations:

Please grab your phone, pick one, and install it now. Once your authenticator app is installed, click the button below to continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Setup 2FA for your 50skills profile

Anyone using 50skills can add their 2FA credentials to their login by following these steps:

A) Click Select profile

B) Click Security

C) Click + Add authenticator

Once you have confirmed your profile password you will be asked to scan the QR code that appears to verify your authenticator app.

Once the QR code is scanned, you will be asked to add a token to your authenticator app. From now on, whenever you want to login to 50skills, you will need to both enter your email and password, and the token from your 2FA authenticator app.


Why should I enable 2FA?

Two factor authentication (2FA), is an added layer of security. It requires potential threats and hackers to not only have information about your current username and password, but also something you have on you. This makes breaking into your system much more difficult.

What happens once you turn on the 2FA? Can people still log in with their own password to add their app?

For people who already had an account, they will be able to log in with a username and password. A pop-up window with the following message will show next time they log-in

Those users will be taken to the 2FA page every-time they log in until they have followed the 2FA instructions on the page.

For new users added to the system, they will need to setup 2FA before using 50skills.

Does each employee need to follow the instructions to connect the app?

Yes, but if they already had a 50skills user prior to connecting 2FA, they will be able to log in, ignore the 2FA page and use the system. We can however pull this data out for the business owner of the page, in case you want to get an overview of how many have turned it on.

If users forgot their password do they need to setup 2FA before log-in?

Yes. They won't be able to reset their password and log-in until they setup 2FA.

Can anyone see who has turned on 2FA and who hasn't?

No - but we can can pull this data out for the business owner of the page, in case you want to get an overview of how many have turned it on.

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