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How to hire and onboard new employees
How to hire and onboard new employees

How to onboard new employees using the onboarding form in 50skills.

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In 50skills you can send out onboarding forms to new hires, this is a multi-purpose form which is meant to service a few basic requirements for companies:

  • Welcome the new employee with a message or a video

  • Explain to the employee what the next steps are, is there a new employee course scheduled regularly, will someone contact her/him, etc.

  • Give high-level information about the company such as culture, what internal systems are used etc. Many companies use a video presentation for this information.

  • Lastly but most importantly the form is used to collect essential data from the applicant which is then used to advance or even complete the onboarding of the new employee. This information is usually things like more detailed personal information, payroll information, next of kin, education, certificates, and validation papers (criminal records, driver's licenses, or diplomas for example).

The form and functionality

In order to send out a form you have to mark the applicant as 'Hired' in the system, this is done from within the application details section on the applicant.

After you have marked the application as 'Hired' you are given the option to enter the newly created Onboarding section. Simply click 'Go to onboarding'.
**Please note that you can always enter the onboarding section at a later time by clicking the airplane icon on the applicant card.**

Once you have entered the onboarding section you can now send the onboarding form. Simply double-check that the email is correct or change it if required, then select the form you want to send, and off it goes.

Here you can select a task list that applies for this onboarding, see here on how to create a task list.

The process for new employees

The new employee will now receive an email with a short message and a link to the onboarding form.

The link then re-directs the employee to the form where she/he can fill out the form and send it in.

After the form is sent in, it is deleted and the information moved to 50skills. There it can be reviewed later or used for further advancement of the new employee in the onboarding process.

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