You can publish your job-ads to job-boards directly from 50skills. It is simple to do!

The first step - Activate available job boards.

A user with an administrator role can now go to the new job boards section under 'Company Settings'

There, you can connect the job boards that you want to have available for publishing. In the example below, you can, for example, connect 'Tvinna' and the job board for the University of Iceland. Connecting these job boards will allow users to publish directly to these boards in the future.

Job-boards have different prices and publishing methods. In our example here above, your job-ad will appear immediately at the Tvinna job-board and cost you 15.500ISK KR., which will be charged by 50skills.

Posting a job-ad at 'Fréttablaðið' job-board costs 14,900ISK KR.

The University of Iceland job-board is free to publish, but all ads are validated by an employee at the University and may take some time to go live.

The second step - Start publishing!

Now that you have connected your job-boards, you can start publishing!

Enter the job ad you have created and select the "Promote" tab. Click on 'Post to job board' in the top right corner.

There, select the job board you want to post to and click 'continue.'

The last step is different between job boards, but in the case here below, you need to fill out contact information and write optional skill criteria. Once you click 'Post to job board,' it will be directed towards its respective publishing process.

Want to connect to a particular job board? Let us know at [email protected].

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