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How to copy and move applications
How to copy and move applications

Copy and move

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Copying and moving applications between jobs is easy.

When inside an application, click on the three dots symbol and select either - Copy to job or Move to job

  • Move to job will move the application to a new job and delete the original application

  • Copy to job will move the application to a new job and keep the original application untouched

When copying or moving, you can decide what attributes you want to move with the original application.

Note: If you do not find the job in the "Job dropdown" then you need to type in the job name select it.

In the last stage, you will decide what questions/answers apply to the new application in the new job.

If the original job has questions and answers that you want to access also in the new job you are moving/copying to, you have to make sure that the same questions are in that job-ad. If they are not then you need to create them in the new job so answers will be moved/copied, or else the answers will be lost by moving/copying

If the new job ad includes some questions that are not in the original job you can type in an answer to update.

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