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How to retrieve a personal tax credit overview
How to retrieve a personal tax credit overview

Personal tax credit

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Below are short instructions regarding how to retrieve your 'Personal tax credit overview,' which is required for new employees to hand in if they want to use their personal tax credit.

Important! It is necessary to have access to an electronic id or RSK password (retrieved through your online bank) to access your section and retrieve the document.

RSK passwords are retrieved through your online bank.

Instructions on how to get your electronic ID 'Rafræn skilríki' can be found here -

1. First step is to visit the IRS web site and sign in with your electronic ID or RSK password

3. The last step of the process is to get the .PDF document. To do that, simply click the 'Sækja Pdf' button in the bottom right corner. This should automatically download the .PDF file onto your device.

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