Whenever you onboard a new hire, you can select a task list that specifies a list of action points required to be executed before the new hire starts working.

Creating a new task list

You can create and maintain all task lists in the Templates section, which can be found through the menu on your left-hand side.

Clicking this should take you directly to the template section. Here you can manage each task list and email template. Click the task tab to:

  • Manage unique task lists

  • Drag and drop re-order for tasks

  • Add a new task list (click the plus icon as shown below)

Each task list you create here is now selectable from the onboarding section for a newly hired candidate.

Setting a task list for a newly hired person

So how do we actually use these task lists?

After hiring an individual, then select the task list from the drop-down.

You can always switch task lists, but remember that the check-boxes will then be cleared as the list is reset.

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