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How to manage the access levels of users regarding jobs and roles

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It is easy to manage users accessibility regarding jobs, what jobs do they have access to, and where can this be managed. We have created a concept called a Hiring Team, which constitutes of individuals that make up the audience for a specific job.  Only users with the roles Admin or Recruiter are able to be configured to see jobs.

You can configure the Hiring Team for a job in three places.

When creating / editing a user

If a fresh user is being created you can decide which jobs she/he can access while creating the user. This means when the user logs in for the first time, these are the jobs she/he will be able to see from the dashboard and subsequently access.

To create a new user choose "Team" from the navigation menu. In the below example the user will only be able to see the Business Development Director job.

When creating / editing a job

We now have a stage in our creating a new job process, Access 

Here you are able to configure what individuals will have access to this job after it has been created. In the below example Anna Sóley Karlsdóttir is the person creating the job and hence will automatically have access while Georg Olafsson has also been added to the Hiring Team, so after the job has been created, he will be able to access it and all of its content.

Note: If you add a user to Limited access you need afterwards to give him a " Single candidate access" to a specific application/s by adding him directly in the application.

After a job has been created

If you want to add or remove individuals from an already created job, it is very simple. Simply go to the Access section and click on the "Manage access" button in the top right corner.

Now you can add or remove users to Hiring team and hit "Save"

Note: If you add a user to Limited access you need to hit "Save" and then afterwards give the user access to a specific application by clicking on the users name to open a modal window and there you can choose applicants to give access to.

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