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Team management and roles
Team management and roles

Create and manage users, roles and access management

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Team section allows users with elevated privileges have a clear overview of the users, their roles and privileges. Here they can create and manage system-users and their roles.

To open Team section click on your profile icon and go into Company settings then you see Team tab in the left menu bar.


As of now there are five available roles

  • Super-admin - access to all data and settings within your company

  • Admin - Users with elevated privileges

  • Recruiter

  • Limited Team Member

  • Employee - Users that are usually not implicated with the hiring process on a decision making level but want to be able to share jobs to their social-media sites or directly to friends 

Roles are highly configurable and access management can pretty much be customized any way the user pleases, from job-ad creation to candidate collaboration.

Create user

In the top right corner click on the Add user button.

This should open a modal window where you can enter the necessary information for the user, select what job access they should have etc.

 It will also allow you select if the user should retrieve an invite via e-mail. By default all created users have the the lowest permission level possible and are only able to login to the admin system and view the sharing site.

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