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For a general overview of the job-ads is in Jobs. It is the default entry point into the system and allows the user to navigate to other modules by a single click.

The default view shows all published job-ads, that is those that are visible to the public from the company career site. It shows basic high-level information about the job-ad, how many new applicants, the total number of applicants, days open and days left for a job-ad as published, how many users have access to the job-ad.

There are 4 areas where jobs-ads can be in:

Published: All jobs that are visible to the public from the the company career site

Drafts: Jobs that are being created but have not yet been published.

Expired: Jobs are automatically moved to this area when the application deadline has expired.

Archived: It is possible to manually archive jobs to put them in storage, jobs are not permanently deleted.

Note: If a job-ad in the Published area is labeled "Private Job" then it is not visible on the companies career site but it can be shared by link to allow people to apply.

Managing job-ads

Managing jobs like edit existing job-ad and more through Jobs is easy. Simply click on the three dots for each job-ad to display procedures.

Note that not all users roles have the same permission.

The options list allows you to do the most common procedures:

  • Add a new stage to the job-ad

  • Edit a currently existing job-ad

  • Duplicate a job-ad

  • Export applicants for each job-ad

  • Share the current job-ad on your social-media platforms or manually

  • Unpublish a job-ad - putting it into the drafts section

  • Archive the current job

Exporting jobs

Users can also now export the jobs by clicking on "Export" button in the top right corner and choose what to export. Export file is sent by email to the user who is logged in.

Apps section

Under "Apps" you can see what apps are now active for your company.
To connect internal chat software such as Workplace, Slack or integrate with some of your existing HR software, please contacts us at [email protected]

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