For a general overview of the job-ads we created the dashboard. It is the default entry point into the system and allows the user to navigate to other modules by a single click.

The default view shows all active job-ads, that is those that are visible to the public from the company career site. It shows basic high-level information about the job-ad e.g. the total number of applicants per job-ad and how many have applied on the current day.

Here users can manage their jobs, view filters and enter other important modules of the system such as the 'Create job-advertisement' process.

Managing job-ads through the dashboard is easy.

The options list allows you to do the most common procedures:

  • Publish / Unpublish a job-ad - putting it into the drafts section

  • Edit a currently existing job-ad

  • Share the current job-ad on your social-media platforms or manually

  • Archive the current job

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