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Sharing job-ads on social-media
Sharing job-ads on social-media

How can I share a job-ad to my social-media sites

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We at 50skills believe every employee should be a part of the recruiting process and that is why we built a custom sharing site which shows a list of all currently available jobs for your company.

Sharing through 50skills is easy and the custom links generated for each employee will allow the persons responsible for recruitment to see which application came from what employees share link.

So. How can I share jobs for my company?

From the navigation bar by choosing “Sharing”, this site shows a list of all live jobs currently available within your company. If there is a reward for a referral that leads to a hiring it will be marked with a yellow star as shown in the screenshot.

Sharing a job through this site will help recruiters see which application came from which user and hence keep track of who the reward should go to.

Clicking on Share will take you to a further detailed site.

Share a direct link

Share a referral link if there is a reward for a referral that leads to a hiring.

If you decide you want to share the job to your social-media platforms simply click on any of the three available links or copy the url directly to your clipboard for manually sharing.

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