Rejecting single or multiple candidates with or without email notifications

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You can now reject candidates from three separate locations in the 50skills system, each designed for a specific purpose.

  • Applicant detail view

  • Stages view

  • Applicant list view

When rejecting a candidate you are presented with three different rejection methods

  1. Reject -> This method simply marks the candidate as rejected, gives the card a distinct color red and allows for the candidate to be filtered out using the reject filter.

  2. Reject and send rejection email -> When selecting this method you are sending an email notification to the email address specified in the application, this also marks the candidate as rejected and notified for further filtering.

  3. Mark as rejected and notified -> This method marks the candidate as rejected and notified but does NOT send an email notification to the candidate. This is most often used if the candidate has been rejected in person or by other means where a further email notification is not required.

Applicant detail view rejection (Single applicant rejection)

If you want to reject a a single candidate quickly it is easy to do. You can as well edit the email message before sending it out.

Stages view rejections (Group rejection)

If you wish to reject all candidates within a single specific stage this is now easily possible from the stages view.

From the applicant list rejections (Group or single rejection)

Here we have added a new button 'Bulk actions' where we will implement all all actions that will apply to multiple record handling. From this view you can reject a single candidate or multiple candidates.

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