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Manage existing job-ads
Manage existing job-ads

Working with existing job-ads and managing them through the dashboard

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If you want to edit, share, unpublish or archive job-ads for any reason, the dashboard is the best place to work from. You simply click on the three dots for each job.

Each job-ad has its own option list where you can:

  • Add a new stage to currently existing job-ad

  • Edit a currently existing job-ad

  • Duplicate a currently existing job-ad

  • Export applicants - can select what attributes of the application you want to export.

  • Share the current job-ad on your social-media platforms or manually (only for Published and Expired jobs-ads)

  • Unpublish - meaning that you want to move a live job-ad to the drafts section, removing it from the career site

  • Archive the current job

The dashboard filter then shows you the list of jobs depending on the status of them (Published - Drafts - Expired - Archived)

e.g. Expired jobs

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