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Currently, the 50skills system is composed of two main parts, the career site, and the admin site. Here we will take a moment to look at the career site in a high-overview manner.

Unique for each customer

The picture below shows you the client-facing part of the system. Here a list of job-advertisements (created from the admin site) will be published and shown to individuals interested in applying for positions within the advertising company. Each company has its unique career site, which is styled according to the advertising company's theme.

Each job listed on the career site is a published available position, and a simple, three-step process is the only thing between the user becoming an applicant for a job.

Click on a job-advertisement to view its details

If the details are sufficient for the potential candidate, he can click the apply button and fill out an application for the specific job.

Fill out an application

The application form is customized by each company and is unique to each job. We advise our customers to keep the application form as clean and straightforward as possible. That way, the application process is smooth and enjoyable for the potential candidate.

One of our unique features is the social-media connection field. Here we allow our customers to offer potential candidates the chance to connect their social media accounts to their application. That will allow the hiring company to use the necessary information retrieved as valuable data for potential references within the hiring company.

Send in an application

After the application has been sent, 50skills will notify both the candidate and the company's registered HR admin about the new application by email.


After the application has been sent in, the candidate can sit back and relax while the 50skills applicant tracking system takes over. The candidate has now been created in the 50skills admin system as a record where the HR team can determine which candidate's application is best for the advertised position.

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