It's easy getting started with 50skills.

First, start off by making sure your employing company has created an account for you in the system. Normally you should receive a notification e-mail which includes a link to the 'set password' site, where you will be able to choose a new password.

If, for some reason, you did not receive this mail, or are unable to locate it in your inbox, go to the admin login-site and set your password.

There you can start your 'new password' process by clicking on the "Forgot your password" link below the sign-in fields. You will then be re-directed to a section where you can type your e-mail address where you will be sent instructions on how to select a new password.

Your e-mail should arrive within a few minutes and its content should look a little bit like this.


 If you are not receiving this e-mail, please contact Human Resources or an  IT administrator within your company to make sure you have been created as a user in the system.

Now, click on the 'Reset password' button and you should be re-directed to a site where you can type in your new password and directly after, log in to the 50skills system.

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